banana pancakes


1 banana

2 eggs

sprinkle of cinnamon

1 teaspoon brown rice flour

a dash of coconut oil


Place banana in a measuring jug and mash with a fork. How chunky you want the banana is really up to you.. I like to leave it a little lumpy as the banana cooks up quite nicely.

In the meantime add the coconut oil to a non-stick frying pan and out on a medium to low heat.

Once you have the banana at desired consistency, add the two eggs, cinnamon and flour and whisk through until the egg and banana are mixed and the flour has no lumps.

Once the pan is warm, pour a small amount of mixture into the pan. You can cook a few small pancakes at once or make one big one. 

After a minute or two, small bubbles should appear on the pancakes. At this stage the pancake should be golden brown on the bottom and you should be able to flip the pancake. Cook for another minute or until both sides are golden brown. 

The picture above I topped the pancakes with vanilla labne, pecans, dried banana and a drizzle of rice malt syrup.

*This recipe doesn’t require the use of flour however I found the consistency to be much better using the flour.