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Ditch the detox- Simple healthy eating hacks

Ditch the detox- Simple healthy eating hacks

So yeah, uh, I haven’t really posted on here much- Since last July to be exact. What can I say, 2017 was an incredibly busy year and I don’t think it is going to slow down anytime soon but alas, it is busy but exciting!

One thing I noticed that came alongside the busy was a complete lack of routine in turn making it difficult sticking to healthy habits as much as I would like. 

Last week was particularly big involving travel and a few late nights coupled with a few bottles of wine, which left me feeling pretty shattered. It was then that a colleague asked “What is your go-to detox drink/food” that I realised I didn’t have one. I do however have my go-to foods when I feel like I need an extra kick. I wrote an article a while back for my natural go-to remedies for when you are feeling like you need an immune boost. You can see that here.

After thinking about it a bit more I realised that similarly when I am feeling unwell I often have a routine that I tend to just follow when I feel like I have indulged a little too much and want a fresh start. Instead of a detox I like to start my day off with a fresh perspective and rather just try to make healthier choices throughout the day. I think when you make a conscious effort to treat your body well rather than starving it with juice or liquid detoxes your body will respond in a positive way. It is far too easy to criticise ourselves especially after the party season, so just be kind to yourself and slowly add in a few healthier choices. A few of my tips are:

Drink lots of fluid- I find this is a great way to flush toxins out quickly while keeping you hydrated and not mistaking thirst for hunger.

My favourite choices are:

  • Herbal tea- I love green with fresh lemon. I also love the QI teas- they have a great range of herbal teas with all natural ingredients. Try to steer clear of "Tea-tox" programs as the teas are often packed with unnatural ingredients and laxitives. 

  • Beetroot juice- Beetroot is said to be a great cleanser of the liver.

  • Water- #sugarfreeglutenfreeeverythingfree. Have you ever seen water advertised that way? It makes me giggle. Seriously though you can’t get a better fluid overall.

Up the greens

People sometimes make fun of me because I really love my greens and like to add them to all meals when I can! My favourites are zucchini and baby spinach as they literally have no taste when you add them to a lot of food but boost your vegetable and nutrient intake. They are both great and you don’t have that bitter green aftertaste that other veggies like kale can have. Nobody likes that, don’t lie and say you do, you are only hurting yourself.

Simple ways to add more veggies in to your day:

  • Grate zucchini into your porridge or overnight oats
  • Blend baby spinach into a smoothie
  • Pan fry half a bunch of broccolini with garlic and a dash of oil as a side for scrambled eggs
  • Dice and steam up a bunch of veggies and mix with couscous, dried cumin and coriander for a quick lunch.
  • Grate zucchini and carrot into dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese and lasagne
  • Steam and mash peas with avocado and serve on toast

There are so many things you can do with veggies and it is easy to incorporate into more meals if you just experiment with it.

Make smoothies more interesting!

This week I made one of my favourite smoothies into a smoothie bowl to start my days off with greens. I substituted the protein with salted caramel protein and topped with homemade granola which was delightful! 

What is your favourite way to add vegetables to your diet? Comment below! 

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Quick simple snacks for your work week

Quick simple snacks for your work week

Experimenting with Teff grain! The result: Protein Banana Bread.

Experimenting with Teff grain! The result: Protein Banana Bread.