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5 day Green Smoothie Challenge

5 day Green Smoothie Challenge

Hey everyone,

So if you saw my post last week I decided I would try out some new green smoothie ideas and aim to include at least one a day. 

I have been drinking green smoothies for a few years now but generally I just include baby spinach in my fruit smoothies. I love adding baby spinach because it doesn’t taste like anything however it boosts the amount of veggies you are including in your daily eating and doubles as a filler. I must admit I never got on the Kale bandwagon. It just doesn’t suit my tastes, I don’t like it and I think it makes my smoothies taste like I have added raw broccoli.. I guess it is just too green for my liking. You know what though? That is okay because some people love kale but we all have different tastes. If you feel the same and haven’t really tried green smoothies for this reason baby spinach may just be the one for you.

A few reasons to love baby spinach:

  • 1/2 cup= 1 serving which is just 76j or 18 calories. To put this in context this is less than 1% of the average recommended energy intake for the day! Furthermore 1 serving of spinach provides 40% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) ofVitamin A,  20% RDI of Folate, 40% RDI of Vitamin C, 16% RDI of Iron and 19% of Magnesium. So Popeye was right to love spinach! 
  • Baby spinach is pretty much tasteless so it takes on the other flavours in your smoothie. 
  • There is no preparation involved, just chuck a few handfuls in with other ingredients and blend. 

Still not convinced with Green smoothies? The thing I liked the most when doing my own green smoothie challenge was by dinner I had already reached my daily intake of fruit and vegetables! How good is that?! 

I have put together a 5 day challenge which includes all info you'll need, a shopping list and 5 recipes to try out. If you like one particularly more than another feel free to have that each day for 5 days or mix it up and add what you like. There is a list of different substitute ideas if you want to get creative. 

Each green smoothie in the 5 day smoothie challenge recommends to add 1 cup of greens which equates to 2 servings of vegetables and that’s before you add all of the other ingredients. 

Give it a try and if you use any of the smoothies be sure to post it on instagram or facebook and hashtag #motiveaterchallenge and tag me in the pic. I'm really looking forward to your creations :)

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* The nutritional breakdown of spinach was obtained from http://gofor2and5.com.au. This is a great resource if you are unsure what a serve of fruit or vegetables looks like. 

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What’s all the fuss about Green Smoothies?

What’s all the fuss about Green Smoothies?