Often exercise and fitness are portrayed as something which is hard work and un-enjoyable. Sure it can be hard work but it can also be lots of fun and extremely rewarding!


In my younger years right up until my early 20’s I didn’t really participate in much sport or exercise besides walking. I kind of gave up at a young age due to fear of failure and excluded myself from any team sport.

In my early 20’s I found the gym worked well for me as there is less of a competitive nature. Over the last few years I have been able to work at my own pace and slowly build up to a level of fitness I am happy with. In saying that I also had to give into my fears and learn to laugh at myself when I made mistakes. I have had quite a few gym fails but now I just laugh. I’ve tripped coming off the treadmill, gone too hard on the rowing machine and slid completely off the seat, and gone the wrong direction and stuffed up the moves numerous times in gym classes. This is all a part of the fun though, and I have learnt I am there for me, and I am there to better myself.

Make fitness fun, make it a part of your lifestyle. 

I have come to love the gym, it is a place I gain strength not just in terms of physical strength. As my strength increased, so did my energy levels and my general outlook on life. Some days I head to the gym dragging my feet but return bouncing off the walls. 

If I can provide one bit of advice, it is listen to your body and not what others say is right. If you’re being truthful to yourself, you know when to push your body and when to take a break.

Unfortunately no matter what you do, people will judge you, but really it is none of their business.

Make fitness fun, make it a part of your lifestyle. It shouldn’t be a chore. So whether that means going to a boot camp class, getting outdoors or going to a dance class, make sure you enjoy it and that way it will be sustainable!