Hands up if you have a sweet tooth. My hand is up! 

I am the last person to tell you that you need to completely ban sugary foods because I truly believe you need to enjoy life and moderation is a part of that. It is important to be able to enjoy that piece of cake at your friends birthday or have an ice-cream on a hot day! In saying that sugar can really affect some of us in ways we’d prefer not to experience. This can be anything from the 3pm crash to headaches, lethargy and not to mention the impact it has internally on our bodies. 

That doesn’t mean we need to steer clear of anything sweet. In fact it can be a time to get a whole range of nutrients in. Due to my aforementioned sweet tooth I like to adapt many recipes to make a healthier version and you’ll find I like to hide vegetables, fruits and superfoods in many of my sweet treats. 

The best part? Knowing you can eat sweet treats and not have the undesirable aftermath of a sugar binge.